martedì 21 maggio 2024
Micol Wafer Dispenser - MWD


      MWD Micol Wafer Dispenser

System appearance and specifications are subject to change without prior notice

Fully automated system loading 4", 5", 6" wafers without any mechanical setting on standard microscopes
Flat alignment not required
Beltless transportation, low particle generation through minimal handling
Wafers are automatically returned to the original slot
All functions are easily programmable by control panel and readable on LCD
Smallest footprint
Best ratio price/features

POWER AC 110/220 V - 50 Hz - 150 VA
VACUUM 100 Torr
SIZE 530 mm (L) - 300 mm (W) - 245 mm (H)
WAFER SIZE 4", 5", 6" - Recipe Linked
CHUCK Vacuum assisted - rotating 360°
WAFER CARRIER 25 slots std 3/16" pitch cassette
TRANSPORT CYCLE less than 3 secs
TRANSFERT SYSTEM Teflon coated robotic arm
REJECT WAFER Manually by "fault switch button"
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