martedì 21 maggio 2024
Micol Wafer Eraser - MWE 300


Mwe 300 Fully automatic 300mm UV curing system


Operator Inteface


UV Lamp

System appearance and specifications are subject to change without prior notice

Fully automated system to erase memories on wafer
Fully servo controlled robot and arm lift
Highly flexible control system allows to change wafer size up to 12 ” with no hardware operations
Menu based operator interface with wafer program storage
High efficiency UV lamp with level measuring system and exposure time compensation
Easily accessible for fast maintenance CE safety features
Smallest footprint
Signal tower for status identification
Easy to use touch screen display
All machine functions are directly accessible
Operator identification with different password levels
Process parameters on production display
Optional printer kit with process and log report

Handling System

Robot arm handling
Servo controlled step motor movements for arm and lift
No wafer prealignment required
Arm surface with special treatmen

Operation Modes

Automatic and process
In automatic mode a recalled program is continuously executed to process wafer cassette
In process mode the process can be tuned to define the best exposure time and handling parameters for each wafer type
Diagnostic system with clear error messages
Service function to allow easy calibration and setup


POWER AC 110/220 V - 50/60 Hz - 1300 VA
VACUUM 100 Torr
SIZE 1160 mm (L) - 700 mm (W) - 830 mm (H)
CE marking Full compliance
SECS-GEM Full compliance
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