martedì 21 maggio 2024
Other Activities: Equipments

SPTS Technologies Limited
Newport - UK: Plasma etch, deposition and thermal processing equipment
EXPERTECH - Expert Semiconductor Technology Inc,
Scotts Valley - CA - USA: VTR Series Vertical Furnace System, Horizontal Furnaces, CTR Series Compact Thermal Reactor
SPECTRON Gas Control System (Part of the Messer World), Coventry - UK:Gas supply equipment and purification systems, Alarm and control systems for gas applications.
Pittsburgh - PA - USA: Dry isotropic etching systems using X2F2

Santa Ana - CA - USA: Diffusion Furnaces Advanced Heater Elements
FRT, Fries Research & Technology GmbH
Bergisch Gladbach – Germany: 3D surface metrology system for research and production
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